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Author Topic: Play and get rewards!  (Read 96 times)

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Play and get rewards!
« on: August 08, 2019, 05:09:56 PM »
Come into the game from 12.08 to 02.09, play at least two hours a day and receive gifts, among which you can find:

Day 1Mini 20% EXP Potion (20 mins) - 10 pcs
Day 2Gold Double-up Potion - 2 pcs
Day 3Jack's Bean - 5 pcs
Day 4Gathering fatigue recovery drink - 3 pcs
Day 5Faster Gathering Potion - 6 pcs
Day 6Premium Shop License - 1 pcs
Day 7Gold Double-up Potion - 5 pcs
Day 8Jack's Bean - 20 pcs
Day 9Gold Double-up Potion - 8 pcs
Day 10Gathering fatigue recovery drink - 8 pcs
Day 11Faster Gathering Potion - 10 pcs
Day 12Premium Shop License - 3 pcs
Day 13Holy Cross - 5 pcs
Day 14Soul Craft Randomizer - 14 pcs
Day 15Iron Heart - 10 pcs
Day 16Perfect Hunch - 100 pcs
Day 17W-Coin - 10 pcs
Day 18Superior Seal Remover Scroll - 2 pcs
Day 19Enchant Insurance Scroll - 25 pcs
Day 20Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll - 35 pcs
Day 21Wallet with 5 Cash - 100 pcs

Details of participation in the action:
1. You can receive gifts in the store on the site.

2. You can take gifts immediately or they will stack and can be picked up later, but at the end of the event (02.09) the gifts will disappear and there will be no access to their.
3. If you do not meet the conditions of the event for at least one day, the entrance counter will be reset and begin again.
4. Gifts are given out the next day, after the miscalculation of playing time for the last day.
5. The promotion is created in such a way that only players who have not missed a single day of the event will be able to receive a reward for 21 days.

Mandatory condition - you need to be in the game at least 2 (two) hours, so that the day was counted.

The statistics on the days can be viewed in the profile on the site, it is counted every morning, around 09:00 server time.

We wish you success and good mood!

Attention: the time spent on Elga does not count!