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Dragonica - unusual MMORPG, which declares a non-target boom, platformer and great humor.

Key features

— Non-target fights

— Epic PvP AND PvE battles

— Fancy graphics, beautiful maps

— 3D world with side scroll view

— A sea of humor and parodies

— Cute characters and lot of costumes

— Funny skills and emotions

— A unique story

— Play only on the keyboard, mouse is not needed!

— You can play with the gamepad

— Low system requirements (run the game on the microwave)

— Play alone or with a company


Warriors are always in pursuit of raw strength and power. They specialize in close melee combat and try to overpower their foes with brute strength.


Awesome world of Dragonica

In this world, you can find completely different locations: from snow-capped peaks to gloomy marshes, from relatively safe forests to soaring cliffs in the sky, ancient temples and a real plant of sweets. On seasonal events you can get to the Oktoberfest holiday, to the village of Santa and to the gloomy city of Halloween, and if you want you can take a walk in the fields of Odelia, where lovely lambs live.