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Author Topic: Rules of the project  (Read 1005 times)

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Rules of the project
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:10:28 PM »
I. General provisions.
  1.0 This forum, and all related services (game server, Discord server), are the sites of the project "volia.biz" and impose on the user a number of mandatory conditions with participation in the project.
  1.1 The system for sending personal messages to administrators and the forum is not a technical support service. To solve a problem or make a proposal, you need to contact technical support on the site.
  1.2 Administration of the forum may not share the views of users.
  1.3 The rules may be supplemented or amended at any time. Users will be notified of any changes in the rules, exceptions are if we need to correct any grammar or minor fixes that will not effect players.
  1.4 The official adminstrations will have their own sign in Discord and in game. The sings will lead the following "GM" or "Administrator".
  1.5 Any messages that is sent individually from our development team is not a representation of the official game or development team and is to subject to the rules.
  1.6 On weekends and during the days, the online chat will be availabe on the website. This is a quick way to get any issue solved and questions to be answered. When an running event is on the online chat will not be availabe and tickets will not be resolved in the timespawn that is set. We recommand to submit a ticket at for technical support.
  1.7 Messages on server of the Volia.biz projects will be removed except the technical support. Subjects that are not qualified for an response will be removed.

  II. Accounts.
  2.1 The name of your Account, Character Account, the Forum name and Discord, forbidden to use any sort of faul words or language or have an name that consisting only digits. Such names can be changed without any warning. #".
  2.2 Impersonating players by having a similar name is strictly forbidden.
  2.3 All participants of Volia.biz project are not allowed to perform the following actions with their Accounts nor their in game characters:
  • sale
  • purchase
  • exchange
  • transfer
  • donation
  • sharing
  • dissemination of information about the intention to perform the specified actions by the participant himself or by any third parties
In case of violation of this rule, you agree that you are acting at your own risk! Administration does not undertake to restore access to you or objects. Also the transferred account can be banned permanently!
  2.4 It is forbidden to promote or encourage the following actions with any in-game item that is an in-game value, including, in-game currency: buying and / or selling and / or exchanging off-game and / or off-game values, including cash, services, obligations and other methods of payment in the game.
  2.7 It is forbidden to place AFK-characters and inactive "twinks" at the battles of the arena and Emporia. In such cases, sanctions can be extended to all user accounts.
Please do not create characters with names that are similar to your login.

III. The rules of communication.
  3.0 The rules of communication are valid at all sites of the project volia.biz: Forum, Game Chat, Discord.
  3.1 It is forbidden to abuse text formatting.
  3.2 It is forbidden to use profanity (including covert ones), insults, threats of violence or physical violence, drug advertising, pornographic materials or third-party resources that contain these materials in public, promote intolerance to racial, religious, cultural, ideological, sexual, linguistic or political affiliation (including in the avatar, signatures, status, subject headings, messages, personal correspondence with other participants), and encourage such actions and statements made by other participants. The Administration reserves the right to give its own final linguistic evaluation of the correspondence of any phrases and words to this rule. In the case of multiple interpretations of specific phrases or words, in order to avoid controversy, it is necessary to first contact Support for an official response on the admissibility of their use.
  3.3 It is forbidden to veiled or explicit provocation of participants to insults and / or clarify the relationship, even if the provocative message or a part of it without context is not a violation of clause 3.2.
  3.4 It is forbidden to place any ads for the sale or purchase of anything for real money, as well as any ads for the purchase and / or sale of accounts.
  3.5 It is forbidden to post ads about any services and goods  that is not related to the volia.biz project, except for sites and guild groups on the above project.
  3.6 It is forbidden to place links to other games in the genre M
  3.7 It is forbidden to spam (newsletters and announcements NOT related to the game process), flooding (repeated repetition of information, exceptions are the sections "Flood" on the forum) in any kind, and also use game services for the organization illegal or unrelated activities.
  3.8 It is forbidden to impersonate a company employee / moderator / administrator. Warning to users: the administrator or moderator always has an appropriate mark in the profile.
  3.9 It is forbidden to communicate users knowingly false information about the game and project, denigrating the reputation of the project, intimidating or misleading new players.
  3.10 It is forbidden to post two or more messages in a row on the forum. Use the "change" function in your message to supplement it. Exceptions:
  • Messages of the "UP" type for raising their topic, but not more than one in 24 hours;
  • Themes, whose themes require periodic publications, for example, a news line on events in the game or lighting any activity. It is distributed only to the author of this topic.

3.11 It is forbidden to use, publish and discuss programs for hacking games or accompanying them; the publication of files infected with viruses.
3.12 It is forbidden to publish personal data of other users in any form (photos, correspondence history, contacts) without their personal consent (message in the publication subject, request to the support service or written consent).
3.13 Forbidden to deliberately create flood requests in the technical support service, in order to disrupt its operation, this user may be denied access to technical support. In the event of a violation of the Game Rules, the Administration has the right to impose the following administrative 
3.14 It is forbidden to publish messages with smileys only.
3.15 It is forbidden to use game bugs.

IV. Sanctions.
  • restrict the use of in-game communication services;
  • limit part of the in-game functionality of the Account and / or the character;
  • restrict access to any elements of in-game content;
  • forcefully rename the character, community or player organizations, in-game items;
  • withdraw items, in-game currency, other in-game values;
  • limit suspend or completely stop access to the character / characters or account (game account);
  • change the values ​​of achievements and character development parameters.
When deciding on the application of one or another sanctions in the appropriate amount for each violation of the Game Rules by the participant, the Administration acts at its own discretion. Depending on the violation and its consequences for the game and the project as a whole, the type of sanction and / or its scope can be changed by the decision of the Administration.
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Re: Rules of the project
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2019, 08:57:17 PM »
  2.7 It is forbidden to place AFK-characters and inactive "twinks" at the battles of the arena and Emporia. In such cases, sanctions can be extended to all user accounts.