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Title: Server opened!
Post by: Amata on September 25, 2017, 01:14:23 AM
Server opened! (https://en.volia.biz/index.php?topic=5)

With proud, we want to say that we are finished our Open Beta Testing and now...
Server opened for players!

About server:
Server Time: Moscow GMT+2
Server Language: English/Russian
Server Rates: Exp x2 | Gold x1 | Drop x1
Download links to popular services. (https://en.volia.biz/?action=download)

- Installed original version of game 2011-2013 years, update "New Origin".
- Improved graphics in towns and continuing improvement in other places.
- There are no game classes of Drakans, players are offered a balanced game by human classes.
- Right now avialable improved version of "Octoberfest" event.
- Secure from hacking game client.
- Combined server for european and russian players.
- Quick players support over ticket system, online-chat and Discord.
- Opened to suggestions for improving the game the development team, and that's not all!
- When registering right now you will get a free riding mount and a ball of friendship!

What's on server start:
Jumping Event - Start from 45 level!

Players can create new chars with 45 level and second profession. Plus, there is couple of potions and basical gear. Usage:
1. After character creating, player can visit our website shop and selecr FREE option Jumping Event.
3. Success!

One account can use Jumping event for 4 characters only!

Monster hunt.
Sometimes, Game-Masters will spawn giant gold stumps in towns with useful drop. Catch them!

Cash-shop opened.
Players can buy Cash at website and use it in game Cash shop. We will fill shop at near weeks.

Welcome to improved epic brewfest in Oberburg town. Event will continue up to 31 october.
Past year trailer:

One last thing: server is multilingual and there is many russian players. We want to create comfortable server for all language groups, so, if we will have many tickets about it, we will create separate channel for english-language players.

We will be glad to answer on players questions!