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Title: Patch note 2.0.36-38
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Patch note 2.0.36-38

- Event Octoberfest is here!
Welcome to improved epic brewfest in Oberburg town. Event will continue up to 21 october.

Items from NPC <Manager August>:

Duke of Vankos.

Marquis Kulon's.

Buffalo wings.

Furniture for house for buying from NPC Li-Ly.

Sofa from dragon skin.

Armchair from dragon skin.

Ship model.

Fake treasures.

Antique mirror.

Antique wardrobe.


Marble fireplace.

And crafters - brewmaster, baker and butcherm among with wine vendor Pamela is selling useful party snacks and drinks. Beware, they are perishable, so do not let them lie up!

Achievement for finish brewfest quest chain.

Game changes

- New maps with Day/Night system:
Parmir Sanctuary
Moonlight Shore Village
Dried Woods Swamp
Misty Lane
Kazeura Village

- You can create a party in Red Queen Castle now.

- You can stack new recipes.

- White Rabbit can repair you items now.

- You can trade new items to demon's energy at White Queen now.