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Title: Players transfer from dragotaka.online
Post by: Amata on September 15, 2019, 11:49:09 AM

Due to the low online on our dragotaka.online (dragonica.online) server, we decided to close it.
However, we greatly respect the time of our players, so we suggest transferring characters and guilds to our Volia.Biz (https://en.volia.biz) Dragonica New Origin server.

An excellent server awaits you, its features:
- Installed original version of game 2011-2013 years, update "New Origin" with Combo system.
- Game balance and only human classes.
- Improved graphics in towns and continuing improvement in other places.
- Secure from hacking game client.
- Combined server for european and russian players.
- Quick players support over ticket system.
- Opened to suggestions for improving the game the development team, and that's not all!

For those who decide to move, we will transfer to a new server:
- Donations percentage.
- Donations for the last 30 days.
- Full character transfer (only 80+) with vault, gold, Cash, all Items* with Enchantments and SoulCraft. Drakans can't be transfered, these players will be able to choose from other classes.
- BONUS, depending on the time in the game and progress in the game. Formula:
  1 played hour = 1 in-game Cash.
  Full Heroic Galaxia Gear = 2000 Cash.

*Not all items can be transfered, due to their absence on the new server

All transfer operations will be performed through Volia Helpdesk service (https://en.volia.biz/?action=helpdesk).
Moving players will have to register on a new server under the same E-mail as on this server.

We will also be glad to hear questions or suggestions on how to make this transfer the most pleasant and painless for our players.

Transfer instructions:
- Register at Volia website: https://en.volia.biz (https://en.volia.biz)
- Create Helpdesk ticket at Volia website (https://en.volia.biz/?action=helpdesk;sa=newticket (https://en.volia.biz/?action=helpdesk;sa=newticket)) with request of transfer: name of your character at this server and, if you are drakan, other class for character.
- If you are guild master and you want to transfer guild: tell about it.
- You don't need to tell Helpdesk team login or password at this server: we will identify players with E-Mail.
- If your are not remember your characters names at old server, you can ask for list through Volia Helpdesk service (https://en.volia.biz/?action=helpdesk).

Please, tell friends about server closing and this topic!
Title: Re: Players transfer from dragotaka.online
Post by: pikapika on November 03, 2019, 10:05:01 AM
hello, i already create ticket few months ago. when will my characters transferred?